Our Infant room ratio is 1 teacher to 5 infants. Our classroom has 10 Infants. Your beautiful baby will learn and grow everyday in our care. Infants enjoy daily reading time because it's never too young to be held and read to. Through books babies expand their imagination and it also promotes language and reading readiness. Babies listen to speech patterns and fluctuations in your voice as they learn. Babies are kept on their own schedule. Parents are free to call at anytime or drop by and peek through our large windows and see how your little one is doing.

Baby Mozart music and Baby Einstein is played throughout the day to foster imagination. Studies show classical music played to infants developed higher science and math skills. We know it is hard to leave your child in someone else's care, we try to make that transition as easy for you as possible. Our Infant room is the first room into the daycare so you don't have too far to walk carrying your baby seat, diaper bag, etc. Your baby has his own cubby for extra clothes, diapers and wipes so you don't have to bring this in everyday and you know what your baby is running low on. Everyday you will be given an activity sheet with details of your baby's day. Meals, diapers, naps, and mood. Then you know at a glance where to pick up with bottle feedings and diaper changing.

Last, but not least we will hold your baby for all bottle feedings, read, play and hold your baby while you are away. Your child will be loved and cared for in a nurturing, tender, quiet learning environment.
Our Infant room nurtures ages 6 weeks to 8 months
A list of things to bring that first day. . .
Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, diaper rash ointment, bottles, formula, favorite blanket, favorite toy, etc.  It is helpful to write down a schedule that your baby usually maintains for ex:
Drinks a  4oz. bottle every 2 hours  & likes bottle warm. Tell us anything you think will comfort your baby, we want to know!
Our crawlers are on the go. . .
Once your little one starts to move and crawl it's time to go to the mobile Infant room full of adventures to discover. From storytime to standing work stations where they push, pull, twist, spin,& grab. Your baby learns cause and effect, eye hand coordination, large and fine motor skills. Table food is also introduced and regular snacks. 
Call us at anytime to see how your baby is doing!

(605) 274-3475  We will see you soon!
Mobile infants 8 months to 1 year 1/2
(605) 274- 3475 We will see you soon!
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