School Age 

Learning Outside the Box
We understand that for many busy and working parents, it’s challenging to find an enriching atmosphere for before and after school care.
Discovery has developed a truly innovative program, for Before and After-School Care, School Holidays and Summer Camp. We instill a continued love of learning for children 5 through 12 years old. We are also excited to offer homework help, supervised activities, and child-directed play to peak your child's interests in a safe, friendly and clean environment.
A Breath of Fresh Air
Our Before and After-School Children Program focuses on making learning fun. We welcome the Before and After-School Kids to an environment with plenty of opportunities to unwind and just enjoy being a kid! From our large activity room to the spacious outdoor playground. Discovery meets all the requirements to captivate and satisfy the needs of the school-aged child.

Helping Hands, Helping Hearts
At Discovery, your child can relax, knowing that he belongs to a loving, supportive environment, and is encouraged to create lasting friendships and connections with his teachers and classmates.
Our “Hug First, Then Teach” philosophy still holds true in the Before and After-School Program. Discovery fosters loving kindness, respect, and understanding in every facet of our approach.
The Benefits
Our Before and After-School Program has many incredible features:
We Open Early! Discovery opens at 6:30 a.m. which serve the varying shifts of working and busy families.

Discovery Homework Help Club is designed to relieve some of the stress homework may bring to your child, and fosters a sense of support and encouragement. Our teachers are available for necessary homework help. This promotes a healthy beginning, middle and end to another successful school year, plus adds more quality time for your family.

The Discovery Zone hosts exciting things about earth science as well as the environmental needs of our community. From identifying rocks, to learning about the benefits of recycling, your child will see how she can learn about the earth and help make a difference for future generations.

The Theater Zone brings artistic expression that appeal to the theatre buff in your child. Your child can perform a short play, write a puppet show or help direct a musical.

The Game Zone provides trivia games, group activities, and board games for kids who love a challenge with an added twist of fun. It’s a wonderful social experience your child will never forget.

The Imagination Zone offers an array of sought-after hobbies, which have never been so much fun. Here, your child can explore cooking, baking, crafts, and various other teacher-supervised activities to expand his knowledge.

The Journal Zone provides children that want to be a part of creating a yearbook of memories from all classes. Your child will sign up to be part of a team using digital cameras to create a memorable annual full of memories. Your child will take pictures, add captions, download and create pages for Discovery Learning Center's annual yearbook.

The Buddy Zone offers your child the opportunity to sign up to be a Buddy to a younger child and read, play, build, create, help guide on the computer or simply push on the swings. Discovery helps build responsibility and a sense of accomplishment in your child by helping others.

Summer camp
The Fun Never Stops
Our unique themes and facility offer a variety of programs to ensure a memorable and exciting summer vacation for your child. Some of the field trips and activities may include:

Swimming at local South Dakota Pools
Roller Skating
Pettigrew Museum
Thunder Road Miniature Golf
Kid Friendly Movies
Picnics in the Park
Great Plains Zoo and Museum
Pheasants Baseball Games
Washington Pavillion Science Center
Vacation Bible School VBS
Nursing Home Visits
McKennan Theatre in the Park
Siouxland Libraries
Butterfly House & Great Outdoors trail

This is just a few of the activities planned. . .

Children of all ages enjoy our planned trips, as well as the world of imagination within our facility. Discovery provides unforgettable experiences filled with fun new friendships and everlasting memories. Most of all, your child is surrounded in an atmosphere of unconditional love and support!

We offer a fun-filled Summer Camp packed with unforgettable memories. .
Our focus at Discovery is the whole child. From learning new adventures together to fostering an environment full of kindness, respect, and understanding. . . .
Looking for a place that will keep your school age child busy?
Stop by to learn more about our Summer Camp and to pick up a calendar of activities for this Summer!  What a great time to be a child!

We transport to and from local Elementary Schools call for more information!

(605) 274-3475  We will see you soon!
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